San Antonio Chapter

The Military Cyber Professionals of San Antonio is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on developing the military cyber professional through the partnership and cooperation with the San Antonio community including commercial, government, and academia.

Military cyber professionals offer a unique breed of highly skilled subject matter experts within the cyber domain with highly disciplined work ethics that include integrity, respect and the drive for excellence. The immense concentration of cyber professionals, both military and civilian, in San Antonio presents a critical resource as we grow as a community in this domain.

The Military Cyber Professionals of San Antonio is a chapter of the Military Cyber Professional Association.

Who we are.

We are a team of cyber professionals from various Services and differing backgrounds. We have specialized in everything from Desktop Administrators and Help Desk Specialists to Tactical Communications and Computer Emergency Response Teams. We've had our hands in Research and Development and Policy Enforcement. And because of this, we believe that in order to develop the cybersecurity profession we need to start with education, mentorship and communication with others that are doing the same.


Exectutive Director


Vice President






Director, Administration

Veronica Colon
Josh Schoen

Director, STEM Programs


To provide quality resources and opportunities in order to enhance the caliber of the American cyber workforce.


To develop the American military cyber profession while progressing its future through community partnership and to resolutely invest in furthering STEM education throughout the San Antonio area.


Established by military personnel of varying backgroundsour leadership chain and throughout our organization, we pride ourselves in our many military-based core values including "Integrity", "Duty" and "Excellence In All We Do".


To offer quality resources and opportunities to the military cyber professional, in order to provide differing perspectives and increase situational awareness in the cyberspace domain. This provides information, strategies and best practices that can be immediately used in the workforce and creates a better cyber professional when it comes times to transition to the public or private sector.